5 Moments of Learning Need

A large healthcare organisation needed to roll out training to 22,000 staff on a new electronic health record system. It was my job to train a team of trainers on a curriculum and training environment that I had designed and implemented.


The training design process was tightly integrated with the overall implementation and operational teams. Below I have added my training timeline and tasks in relation to the wider project.

My go live date was earlier than the wider project. I needed to have all trainers recruited, training materials and training environment built well in advance of the project go live so that trainers and end users would be ready when the old system was switched off.


I applied the 5 moments of learning need framework to design the solution. It moves away from the ‘one and done’ sheep dip approach so common in systems training and focuses on what people are doing in their day to day jobs.

All content and workflows were verified by curriculum review boards drawn from subject matter experts, managers and software analysts to ensure they met the end user needs as outlined above.


  • Maximises end user productivity by ensuring they spend minimal time in classrooms but have useful resources on hand when they need them.
  • Builds operational know how within the teams by nurturing digital champions from within those operational teams.
  • Fast resolution of issues with easily accessible quality self-help documentation and a clearly defined escalation path if that is not sufficient.
  • Able to adapt to changes in business practice by empowering end users to understand new functionality and get a deeper understanding of existing functionality in the ‘after live thrive’ sessions.