My Approach

The way people interact with software has changed and is changing constantly. We all use lots of different systems everyday, clever things happen when we combine those systems in smart ways which is where I excel.

Here are a few examples of the different methodologies I have used to deliver innovative learning solutions that ensure people have the right resources at the right time – click on the headings to find out more:

  • Design Thinking
    A SAAS contact centre technology provider approached me to help with the following issues:
    • Customers found the technical documentation for their products confusing and difficult to navigate
    • Too many support calls from customers post-implementation for simple tasks covered in the on-boarding training

  • 5 Moments of Learning Need
    A large healthcare organisation needed to roll out training to 22,000 staff on a new electronic health record system. It was my job to train a team of trainers on a curriculum and training environment that I had designed and implemented

  • No Training Training
    My client had won a contract to build a software product to interface with a big data platform. I had a 6 month window to ensure that all 3000 companies who had pre-purchased the software were able to use the functionality they needed from go live so that they wouldn’t swamp the help desk with questions and would renew their annual contract when the time came